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Earlies Talk About Earli

September 9, 2021
Earlies Talk About Earli

Earli is a diverse team united by a radical vision: Make Cancer A Benign Experience.

At Earli, our team is developing a new approach to early cancer detection that applies state-of-the-art techniques from synthetic biology to force tumor cells in the body to reveal their location.

It’s a mission that could save the lives of millions of people every year— and we still manage to enjoy the ride.

When Earli scientists aren’t in the lab pioneering new ways to expose the presence of cancer, you might find them brainstorming new ideas for an Earli Lab-a-thon, planning a group kayaking trip, playing games in the lounge, or simply hanging out together.

Earli believes that the only way we’ll ever beat cancer is if the scientists and bioengineers working on the problem are deeply connected and love what they do. That’s why we strive to create an environment where our employees never think of Earli as just another job. This is a community built around a shared goal by team members who enjoy being together.

The boldness of Earli’s vision combined with its unique culture attracts a certain kind of person: one who strives to solve generation-defining challenges with an optimistic, determined, rigorous and yet playful attitude.

Earli has attracted scientists and technologists from a broad range of backgrounds, and this breadth of experience is the key to our success. Some of our scientists joined our team because they were tired of working on biomedical technologies that never made it out of the lab. Others wanted to work on leading-edge technologies that could help millions of people. Whatever the reason, all of our team members believe that there is life after cancer— and that together they can make it possible.

Earli is growing. If all this resonates and you feel that this is the place for you, apply for one of our open positions today.